Saturday, March 20, 2010

Valentine's Flash Mob 2010

Venue: Times Square, KL Central
Time: 5.15pm
Date: 7/2/2010

here's the video:

Christmas Beatbox + Singing Flash Mob 2009

woohoo , Causeplay's first ever flash mob and also Malaysia's first beatbox+singing flash mob!

Venue: LRT KL Central - KLCC
Time : 4pm
Date : 20/12/2009

here's the video:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cause Play's Vision and Mission

Revolution has found its name; CausePlay.

CausePlay is and will be only 5 things.

1. A community intended to bring the nation closer to each other. We welcome children, youths, adults, old folks, widowed, married, single, divorced, Chinese, Malays, Indians. You name it. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. Be part of the family.

2. A channel to relay a message to the masses. This movement will NOT be a means to advocate views pertaining to political propaganda, racism or discrimination. CausePlay will focus on advocating help needed to improve the lives of humanity by breaking out from the conventional mindset.

3. A mass movement of actions and voices. We will NOT advocate strikes or rallies that will pertain and benefit the minority few individuals or parties. CausePlay will aim at educating and reminding the masses of a certain purpose (i.e. patriotism, local music, etc).

4. A neutral party. CausePlay is not backed or fueled by any bodies or agencies. This movement is fueled by the support of the masses voluntary kindness. However, any form of support that we get (i.e. money) from the public will be channeled for good use (i.e. orphanage homes, old folks' shelters, etc).

5. Do things for the namesake of "FUN". Sometimes, the acts/gigs that we carry out are all in the name of fun and need not necessarily have a meaning behind it (although we try to have one). Can't we just have fun once in a while?

CausePlay reserves copyright to the logo and any form of reproduction and recirculation of the logo without prior notice would be a violation.

Logo concept by: JBP & Carnegie R.
Logo digitization: Naz R